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Saved by Spray

I swear Im never leaving for a trip ever again without taking my Decrease with me, I can tell you that! I have hooked all of my girlfriends also; it literally saved our trip to Mexico. Some months ago, we were all bridesmaids for our best friend's wedding. As soon as we got to the hotel, we left our bags in our rooms and we got to the rooftop bar we found. We took all the margaritas and tequila shots we expected.

We got back a little more than tipsy to keep the party alive at the hotel bar. Long story short, we got to our room at ten... past three, without a worry in our minds, blissfully ignoring the fact that we were due at the welcoming brunch planned by the groom's parents. We were woken up a few hours later by the last alarm we set, leaving us with only one hour-ish to get ready for the brunch.

As you can imagine the alarm wreaked havoc in that hotel room. Makeup and hairdos were made by batches, taking turns to use the bathrooms mirror, the shower and the hairdryer. After the first batch was done, the girls started to unpack their outfits only to find their shirts, dresses and skirts were wrinkled. The rest of us stopped what we were doing to see if ours were wrinkled too and, spoiler alert: EVERYTHING WAS WRINKLED TOO!!!

Oh my... we had fifteen minutes left to arrive acceptably (and fashionably) late, yet we needed at LEAST an hour to iron every piece of clothing, and that is assuming we would be able to find an iron in that rustic boutique hotel. What were we going to do? We lost hope. Some were trying on outfits with wrinkles and others were looking for a dry clean place nearby, obviously with no luck. We were officially screwed. We accepted our fate and so I called reception to see if they had an iron, to which they responded: Maam, we don't have any irons in this hotel anymore, this is 2021. BUT...we do have a nifty product that might just save your trip.

This is where we met DeCrease: a little spray bottle that saved our butts ASAP. We ordered a couple of bottles for the room. A little spray here and there, and in minutes we had perfectly smooth outfits without any creases or wrinkles. It was a miracle! We could not believe our eyes. We arrived just in time for the beginning of the brunch with our clothes as sharp as if we would have just picked them up from the dry clean. It was mind bending. (Well, not really for the beginning of the brunch, more like for the toast).

To end this testimony, I will give you one tip: do as all of my friends and I did after the brunch and buy a bottle of a DeCrease. Never travel without it. Its perfect for the soft, delicate fabrics of formal wear and for casual blouses or skirts too. For the rest of the trip, we didnt have to worry for one second about how our clothes would look, even if we just had unpacked them. We had DeCrease.

Do yourself a favor and buy yourself some bottled peace of mind.